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M&E system supply

♦ M&E system supply we are doing:

Thermostatic Steam Traps BK

with Duo Stainless Steel (Bimetallic) Regulator PN 40 - PN 630

Features of the BK series:

  • Robust regulator
  • unaffected by waterhammer and frost
  • Suitable for superheated steam applications
  • Stainless steel internals
  • Installation in any position

Ball-Float Traps - Type UNA

PN 16 - PN 160

Features of the UNA series:

  • Unaffected by back pressure and condensate temperature
  • No loss of live steam
  • No banking-up of condensate even with extreme load and pressure fluctuations
  • Particularly well suited for heat exchangers
  • Unaffected by dirt
  • Automatic thermostatic air-venting
  • Repairable in-line
  • Ideal for discharging cold condensates, distillates and condensates derived from chemical products

Pump Trap UNA 25-PK

The pump trap UNA 25-PK is a modern valve which combines the function of a float trap
with an additional pump mechanism.
With the UNA 25-PK, you have a product that always drains your plant reliably.
No matter whether a heat exchanger tends to bank up condensate in the partial or low-load range or whether an unfavourable pipe layout repeatedly leads to an accumulation of condensate in riser pipes, with the UNA 25-PK you can protect your installation and prevent thermal waterhammer.